Tricks of the Trade

We'll post new 'tricks' and tips periodically, to help you to make cakes that are visually stunning and taste delicious...

Vivid Colours

To get your strong or dark colours glossy and vivid, spray with edible glaze, gets rid of any white marks and makes your cake shine


Buttercream Roses

When piping buttercream roses, always start from the centre and work outwards, preferably using a 1M tip, and if you stand over your cupcake (placing it on a lower table rather than worktop), you are more likely to get a better circle shape rather than oval!



Sugarpaste Cake Board

If you want to decorate or cover your board with sugarpaste, you will need a board at least 3 inches bigger than your cake as a 10” cake on a 13” board only gives  1.5” all the way round the edges




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